March 6th: Solidarity Photographic Exhibition

On Tuesday March 6th, 2012 Focus on Women opened the exhibition Women with Focus, under the First Festival Views of Women, organized by MAV, Women in the Visual Arts. The exhibition showed the 10 finalist and winning photographs of the Third International Women’s Photography Contest Women with Focus. In this edition the topic chosen was The Ages of Woman and we were looking for images that reflected the passage of time on women and its effect, both physical and psychological and emotional, that is, showing in one image time with a feminine approach. 141 photographs were received for the contest. Most of the participants sent their photographs from Spain, but numerous photographs were from Argentina, Mexico, Ecuador, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, Venezuela, Cuba, Colombia, Chile, USA, France, Poland, Italy and the Netherlands. The jury, formed by Ms. Oliva Arauna, Ms. Morales Mencia Borbón Two Sicilies, Rafael Liaño, D. Ximo Lizana, Ms. Margarita Sánchez and Ms. Charo Lopez selected the finalists and winning photos of the contest. Each picture is available in a limited edition of 5 copies at a price of 60 Euros. The funds raised from the sale of the photographs are entirely allocated to social projects supported by Focus On Women. If you are interested in purchasing one of the finalist photos, please contact Focus On Women. Here you can see the finalists and winning pictures of the contest of this year:

  • First Award: El paso del tiempo, by Yaiza Esther Peña Hernández
  • Second Award: Sweet Child of Mine, by Carolina Gay Guixeras


May 29th: Charity Photographic Auction


Focus On Women celebrated for the second time a charity photographic auction to benefit the projects supported by FOW in 2012. FOW counted this time with the generosity of seven Spanish and Latin American photographers –Carma Casulá, Carmela García, Elena Garrigues, Glenda León, Paloma Marggi, Barbara de Rueda and Corina Yllera- photographers with a famous artistic career, who donated many other artworks for the charity auction. Flavia Hohenlohe, president of Sotheby’s Madrid, was the person in charge of conducting the bidding of photographs. Lidia San José and Beatriz Bergamin presented the Charity Auction, which also was attended by Ana Villa, head of the NGO Agua de Coco, responsible of the School of Sapphires in Madagascar. Attendees also enjoyed the art of soprano Raquel Albarrán and pianist Rosa Blanco.