March 7th: Solidarity Photography Exhibition

Focus On Women joined the celebration of Women’s Week of the present year celebrating the awards ceremony of the V International Photography Contest Focus Women and photographs exposing the 10 finalists for solidarity. The proposed top for the contest of this year was “Inspiring Women”, an opportunity to photograph women or groups of women who, with their vital attitude, their work and their actions are inspiring the world to make it a better place for everyone. 422 worldwide photographers told those stories in one image and participated in the contest. The jury, formed by Agustin Perez de Guzman, Hon. Ms. Doña Mencia Morales and Bourbon Two Sicilies, Carma Casulá, Maria Gomez de Pozuelo, Paco Nadal, Ana Palacios and Luis Pereira selected the finalists and winning photos of the contest.

  • First Award: Haciendo Conciencia, by Beatriz Orduña
  • Second AwardDar la vida, by Daniela Bellusci
  • Third AwardBull Jumping, by David Sánchez

Each photograph is available in a limited edition of 10 copies at a price of 40 Euros. The funds raised with the sale of the photographs are entirely allocated to social projects supported by Focus On Women. If you are interested in purchasing one of the finalist photographs, please contact Focus On Women.

New actions with companies

2014 was a year of new reinforcements for FOW Solidarity. We have developed two agreements with companies to support projects through specific campaigns. Lush Spain has been generous to incorporate the Mantay project in Peru as a beneficiary of the sales of his charity pot from November 1st to December 15th. With this action more than 8.953 € have been raised. The Savia Vital pharmacy has joined up the Trampled Rose project in Ethiopia to its Christmas campaign, giving the 1% of its sales in Pharmaceuticals. With this action, they have raised 450€. Furthermore, since May 2014, we have charged in all the events organized by FOW a supportive fee allocated to the projects supported by FOW, and we have sold some objects by Fair Trade made by the projects. Thus, any action made by FOW has an implication in our social action.

FOW Solidarity Codespa Foundation Award 2014

2014 has been a year of recognitions to the social work of Focus On Women .Day January 16th 2015, his Majesty the King Phillip VI gave the Codespa Award to the SME Suportive Company 2014 to Focus On Women, for its work of feminine empowerment during those years. This award is a challenge to keep improving and to create a better world. We also dedicate it to all the volunteers who help us every day to develop and support the FOW projects. In this post you have more info and pictures of the event.