Throughout these years we have answered a lot of your questions and we are always available to clarify your doubts, but here we answer you some of the most repeated questions:

Are our trips only for women?

No. Our trips suggest discovering each destination through its women, focusing on the feminine look of the world. The trips are also organized thinking of the details and needs of women travelers.The participation of men in the trips is welcome, as long as they share the philosophy of the FOW trips and respect the activities and meetings set up with women. In some of the destinations there will be some activities in which men won’t be able to participate, for instance entering in a ladies’ hair salon in Iran, but they will have alternative activities.

Is travelling alone a problem?

Travelling alone is not a problem at all. Most of the people who sign up to the #FOWtrips travel alone. The advantage of travelling in a limited group with a maximum of 12 people is that you immediately know everybody and you make new friends with similar inquisitiveness. And if you don’t want to be with more people tell us to prepare you a tailored trip.


Can I share a room?

Of course. You can choose between sharing a room or having an individual room for yourself (you will have to pay a supplement). If you are the last person who signs up for the trip, you have to confirm with FOW the availability of a shared room. In any case, some destinations have limited availability of individual rooms and they will be assigned in strict order of registration to the trip.

Do I have to get the flight ticket?

No. Focus On Women manages the reservation of the flight tickets. FOW contacts each traveler to manage the flight ticket. Once the reservation is done, FOW can only guarantee the indicated rate when the payment of the ticket is made within the dates indicated by FOW. If the payment is made before or after that period, the rates may change.

Can I set off from another country? Do you only organize departures from Spain?

You can set off from any place of the world. It is not a problem. We manage your flight ticket from anywhere so that you can meet the group at the destination. Many travelers who sign up to the trips set off from Spain, but every time more travelers sign up from Mexico, Argentina, Peru, Colombia, Chile or EU…

I want to sign up, what should I do?

We explain the reservation and hiring process of a trip in detail in: