I am my dreams

In 2009, our founder Alice Fauveau, a great traveler, thought that there was the need to create a new touristic model focused highlighting the culture of women in the world. When someone travels, they generally get to know the destination from a bus and through what their guide say, who generally is a man. And so she thought, why not create an agency that would enable travelers to know inspiring women from the visited countries, thus getting to know the countries’ feminine aspect, connecting women from all over the world?

Alice wanted to follow her dreams creating a social enterprise with this philosophy, making it easier for other women to let their travelling concerns go. With Focus on Women, we offer you to live a cultural trip for reduced groups, filled with emotions and unique experiences where the woman is the protagonist. If you’re looking for travelling in a different way and connecting with interesting women from other countries, while you help giving more visibility to everything feminine and empowering women, this is your trip. Do you want to follow your dreams with us? In this video, Alice tells you the raison d’être of the company and its philosophy.

Travelling is sharing

In every trip you will meet local hostesses who will show you the feminine view of their culture, their country, their city and will tell you about their own projects and dreams. Our expert cicerones are brilliant women and travelling with them is a real privilege. They will accompany you in your adventure and they will show you each destination with another perspective, turning that experience into an exclusive trip. Can you imagine travelling to Japan with journalist Rosa María Calaf? What would you ask to a filmmaker in Marrakech? Do you want to meet the first dervish women in Istanbul? Would you like to walk with brave entrepreneur women through the spectacular mountains in Vietnam? Do you imagine what you can see in a ladies’ hair salon in Iran? These are some of the cicerones and hostesses you will meet in the FOW trips, organized in detail for limited groups, so each trip becomes a luxury experience.

Moreover, Focus On Women has excellent collaborators as well as writers and photographers who become godmothers of the trips with their works of art; bloggers who write about their traveling experiences; collaborators with whom we organize activities during the year; and an excellent team of male and female volunteers who organize charity events every year. An entire universe made of extraordinary women and men who are fond of travelling and committed with the situation of women in the world. 

You will know all this universe of exceptional women during the trips, but also in the different activities, meetings and events we organize during the year. Besides, if you want to meet us, you can come to our office in Madrid.

Inspiring travels

Our goal is to give visibility to women and connect incredible women around the planet through trips. Each FOW trip is a source of inspiration in itself so that, among all, we create a positive tourism and change the world.

In our DNA there is solidarity.  Therefore, FOW trips respect the principles of responsible and sustainable tourism and contribute their bit to improve the situation of women in the world, through agreements we have with entrepreneurial companies, the gender and children projects we support with the 7% of the net profit and other actions in Morocco, Peru, Madagascar, Vietnam and Ethiopia.


Why travelling with Focus On Women?

  • Because you’re going to have a great time and you are going to meet very interesting people in a customized trip where you will be the protagonist.
  • Because with FOW you are going to truly know the countries, going deep into their culture with the best specialists and cicerones. 
  • Because with FOW you are going to know the most important and inspiring women of the country, discovering the reality of the visited country through those women’s eyes.
  • Because we are a responsible tourism company that generates a positive tourism and gives the visibility those women deserve.
  • Because with our vision and your participation in the trip, we help to empower women and children who have been less fortunate than us and we create a better world.
  • Because you won’t regret of living such an unforgettable travelling experience!!

Join Focus On Women

We have spent years travelling across the world, connecting passionate travelers with extraordinary women and sharing memorable experiences. No matter if you are traveling alone, with your partner, with your sister or with friends, everybody is welcome. And we assure you that solo travelling can become the best experience of your life. Join Focus On Women´s Universe. The world is waiting for you!